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Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 6

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 6 has been announced and is set for release September 2020


In Space Yellow Ranger- with alternate unmasked head.Ashley will come with Astro Blaster, alternate hands and Star Slinger

Zeo Red Ranger- With unmasked new Tommy Oliver headsculpt.It comes with Zeo Pod Sword and Zeo Blaster with blast effect.He also comes with his Star Saber.

MMPR Black Ranger- With new unmasked Zack headsculpt, Blade Blaster in dagger form and blaster form.He also has the Power Axe that can be converted to Power Blaster.The Power Blaster can connect to the other MMRP weapons to make the Mega Blaster.

Goldar- Comes with winglet pieces on back instead of wings.The winglet pieces are articulated.You get alternate hands, giant sword with new sculpt and blast effect piece for the sword.They have tried to punch up the color of the gold on the armor and given it a dark wash.


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