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The Hot Toys have Landed! Guardians Of The Galaxy - Star Lord Hot Toy

He's Star-Lord man, I know you are probably thinking to yourself "Who?" but trust me, he's a bad ass space rebel without a cause and an awesome red jacket! With his team of intergalactic misfits, Peter Quill and co. become, the Guardians of the Galaxy.... Sometimes they do actual guard the galaxy... Sometimes.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Baby Groot Hot Toy

"I am Groot!" Get ready Guardians fans, its time to take home your very own potted baby Groot! Possibly the cutest 1/4 scale collectable around, Little Groot comes with unique movable body and arms. Measuring approximately 12cm tall, this adorable baby Flora Colossus is the perfect addition to your Guardians of the Galaxy Collection!

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