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New "Flash" Poster - Discover What Makes a Hero"

/facebook /SOCIAL BUTTONS With just a little more than a month before the series premiere, The CW debuted a poster on Twitter Tuesday, promoting the series' upcoming debut with the title hero (Grant Gustin speeding through the streets of Central City, along with the optimistic tagline "Discover What Makes a Hero."

"In the comic book, here was a guy who could run really fast, and he's dealing in the sci-fi world," series executive producer Greg Berlanti said last month of the show's tone. "He had a sense of humor, and a sense of awe of the things that were happening to him, and around him. You put that all together, and you just get a brighter show. And we wanted to contrast it from 'Arrow' -- and we were all big Donner 'Superman' fans. I've always felt that was the most iconic version of the bright superhero world."

"The Flash" is set to debut on The CW at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 7.

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