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6" Star Wars: The Black Series Walgreens Wave With Prototype Boba Fett Details

Following the news from the other day about Hasbro releasing a Walgreens exclusive 6" The Black Series Boba Fett in prototype armor figure next month, we now have some more details to share with you. Like with Hasbro's Marvel Legends Agent Venom figure which will also be a Walgreens exclusive, Boba Fett will ship in a special assortment of Black Series figures exclusive to the drugstore retail chain. The figures that will be shipping in this exclusive assortment with the Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) will be re-releases of the following: - Episode VI Jedi Luke - Sandtrooper - Stormtrooper - Darth Vader Except for Boba Fett, these figures will see a general release at other retail outlets. The Walgreens assortment should start hitting shelves on or around August 27, 2015 and Hasbro will be initiating some kind of pre-order for Boba Fett during Comic-Con later this month. Hasbro tells us they will officially be revealing the details on how the whole pre-order thing will work as we get closer to the convention which begins on July 23. According to an article by the Examiner, Walgreens will also be getting an exclusive My Little Pony figure along with Venom and Boba Fett, and in that article it says folks attending Comic-Con will be able to pre-order the My Little Pony figure via a QR code at the Hasbro Booth, which will direct fans to the Walgreens webiste for pre-orders. All pre-orders will ship by September 15. Though not yet confirmed by Hasbro it would seem logical for them to use the same method for both Boba Fett and Agent Venom as well.


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