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Cinemaquette 1989 Batman Movie Batmobile

Cinemaquette Presents an all-new updated mechanical Batmobile based on the design from Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie.

This new remote control mechanical version comes to life with all the necessary gadgets and firepower to take down your own miniature Axis Chemicals plant!

Starting at the front, machine guns pop from the hood with the effect enhanced by lights and sound. The cockpit now features a scaled Batman figure at the controls, with the front and rear lights activated with a dashboard switch. To the rear the exhaust pipe simulates smoke and the sound of the turbine engine. Finally the vehicle also comes equipped with switch-out grappling hooks to make those high speed turns even faster!

The mechanical version of the Batmobile is officially licensed by Warner Brothers and DC Comics. Please note this version of the Batmobile is not supplied with a base.

Specifications: - Approximately 29" long x 12" wide x 6" high. - Eletronic LED headlights and tailights, and simulated smoke and fire effect in rear. - Cockpit opens to reveal deatailed interior. - Complete with remote control to control mechanical effects, lights and sound. - Limited in production to 200 units worldwide. - Price: $2,500.00


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