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Remember the contest happening on Omaze to win a chance to appear in Star Wars: Episode VII? You’ve only got four days left to make a donation and be entered to win, and J.J. Abrams has just delivered a reminder in a video message from London. I’m sorry, J.J., I didn’t hear what you said because there’s a X-WING IN THE BACKGROUND.

Starting a Monday with a peek at Episode VII, even a small one, is the best possible way to kick off the week. The video starts by focusing in on a small piece of the X-wing and pulls back for the big reveal – it’s perfect. That’s not all, either! There’s a pilot dressed in a similar outfit to what the Rebel pilots wore in the original trilogy and an adorable mouse droid. See for yourself:

Sure, the ship style is slightly different (it looks much like Ralph McQuarrie’s X-wing concept art), but it appears as though the Rebellion is still active. The ship looks like it’s seen action; it’s not pristine and unused. Have they been in operation since the end of Return of the Jedi? Who are they fighting? Why is J.J. Abrams giving us information on purpose?

Once I calmed down and watched the video again, I learned that there’s another sweet prize on the table: the opportunity to attend an advance screening of Episode VII. Yes, you’d probably have to swear an oath on everything you own and sign 1,000 non-disclosure agreements, but it would be worth it. To win the screening or the trip to London to appear in the first film of the sequel trilogy, visit Omaze. Your donation goes to UNICEF’s Innovation Labs and just $10 will get you a single entry

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