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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (comics) - Raphael Ninja with Red Motorcycle BST AXN Figure


Launching fresh off the cover from the IDW "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #110" comic book comes Raphael, carving up the streets with his red street race bike!

Details GALORE! The bike includes: moving brake paddles and throttle grips, front steering action, rotating rubber tires, (the bike) approx. 7" in length, aptly fits the riders, including foot pegs, a kickstand when idle, and a rear tire "zoom cloud" which holds the bike upright when the rider is posed, mounted atop the bike. Raphael includes 31 pts of articulation, multiple head portraits (including a helmeted Raphael with an adjustable face shield), multiple hand and throttle grips, Raph's trusted sai, and a weapons belt to hold the sai when not in use.

Featuring killer sculpt details, killer deco details, and one heck of a killer street racing motorcycle. Raphael stands around 5" tall. Comes packaged in a window box with custom artwork provided by Mateus Santoloucco. A collector card is also included. A must-have for the TMNT faithful.

* 1:15th scale
* 31 points of articulation; including a bicep swivel, double knee joint, double elbow joint, butterfly joints at the shoulder, ball joint at the ankle, upper thigh swivel, ball posts at the hips, waist swivel, an ab crunch, swivel and flex at the wrist, and a ball and post neck joint.
* Multiple accessories interchangeable hand gestures interchangeable head portrait wearing a helmet
* Real feel rotating tires
* Windscreen
* Working Kickstand
* Interchangeable head portrait with helmet
·* Translucent "burn out" accessory/motorcycle stand - creates the visual impression of the motorcycle doing a burnout.
* Ages 8+

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Raphael Ninja with Red Motorcycle BST AXN Figure

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