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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (comics) - Slash GW 5" BST AXN Figure


Slash is back and badder than ever! Inspired by the 1978 tv series, Slash is an evil mutant ninja turtle who started out as Bebops pet turtle and was mutated by Rocksteady to do the chores that were assigned to him by The Shredder. This 5 inch action figure is sporting an olive green paint treatment with a brown turtle shell with his signature yellow spikes. He's accessorized with a silver metal bandana, a yellow lens over his left eye, black and silver arm and leg bands. A fearsome fighter, he sports silver gloves with purple spikes to match his purple belt, which features a skull belt buckle. He's ready to take on anyone who gets in his way! This Exclusive Slash glows in the dark!

Product Description:

* 1:15 scale figures.
* 31 points of articulation.
* Includes a double joint at the knee, butterfly joints at the shoulders, a thigh swivel, a rotating ball joint at the ankle, a swivel at the wrist (up, and down, and side to side), elbow joints, ball joint at the neck, upper thigh stretch.
* Includes interchangeable opened mouth head portrait.
* three interchangeable sets of hands.
* Blaster laser gun, animalizer pistol, freeze gun.
* Also includes a BST AXN sticker.
* Exclusive foil TMNT Collector Card!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (comics) - Slash GW 5" BST AXN Figure

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