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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (comics) - Casey Jones Battle DMG 5" BST AXN Figure


Unleash your inner vigilante with this Urban Legend version of Casey Jones! Based on one of the darker series of the TMNT comics, this 5-inch figure brings a grittier, older Arnold "Casey" Jones to life. From the ripped sweatpants to the ripped biceps, you'll get a realistic feel from this figure. Even his weapons have seen better days, with the telltale signs of wrapped tape repairs done with incredible paint detail. Get ready for a first - Casey's iconic Urban Legend American flag mask is here, this version of Casey has never been done as an action figure before. This angular mask features sleek metal bar detailing across the mouth and a menacing eye design. This Exclusive Casey comes in a wicked grey scale paint treatment with select pops of color. Don't miss out on this unique addition to your TMNT collection!

Product Description:

* 1:15 scale figures.
* 31 points of articulation.
* Includes a double joint at the knee, butterfly joints at the shoulders, a thigh swivel, a rotating ball joint at the ankle, a swivel at the wrist (up, and down, and side to side), elbow joints, ball joint at the neck, upper thigh stretch.
* Includes interchangeable head portrait with hockey mask.
* Additional interchangeable sets of hands, a nail bat, cricket bat and golf bag.
* Also includes a BST AXN sticker and
* Exclusive foil TMNT Collector Card!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (comics) - Casey Jones Battle DMG 5" BST AXN Figure

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