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James Bond - James Bond (Dr No) 12" Action Figure


What's Included...


1 x James Bond Portrait Head featuring Authentic Likeness of Sean Connery
1 x Midnight Blue Tuxedo Jacket
1 x Midnight Blue Pair of Trousers / Pants
1 x Shirt with Pleated Front
1 x Bowtie
1 x Shoulder Holster
1 x Pair of Socks (Partial)
1 x Pair of Gentlemen �s Shoes
1 x Display Base with Illuminating Character Name Plaque
1 x Cigarette Lighter
1 x Cigarette Case
1 x Cigarette
1 x Pistol
1 x MI6 issue Gun Case with Removable PPK Pistol
1 x Dealing Card Shoe
1 x Pack of Cards
1 x Wristwatch
2 x Large Poker Plaques
2 x Medium Poker Plaques
2 x Small Poker Plaques
3 x Stacks of Money
10 x Interchangeable Hands

James Bond - James Bond (Dr No) 12" Action Figure

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