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Charlie Chaplin - Charlie Chaplin 1:6 Scale Action Figure Set


Star Ace are proud to present a deluxe collectible 1:6 articulated figure of the beloved "Little Tramp," Charlie Chaplin!

This detailed representation of Chaplin's iconic character presents him as seen in multiple films from the early days of cinema, most notably in "The Pawnshop."

This 1:6 scale figure features two swappable portraits of Chaplin, one with a smiling expression and another with an anxious expression. These heads have authentic likenesses and are individually hand-painted. His hat can fit on either head and a separate hair attachment is included so he can go hatless.

He comes with his traditional cane, valise and hat, and is outfitted in his tramp costume with waistcoat, topcoat, and baggy pants. The set also includes all the accessories needed for the classic �alarm clock � bit as seen in the film; the clock, hammer, screwdriver, stethoscope, metal cutters, and phone.

Don't miss your chance to add this one-of-a-kind collectible to your collection today!

Charlie Chaplin - Charlie Chaplin 1:6 Scale Action Figure Set

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