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First Look Super7 Power Rangers Ultimates Goldar Figure

Back in January it was announced by Super7 that they would be producing 7" Ultimates Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figures. The first wave was said to include figures of the Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Goldar, Tyrannosaurus DinoZord, and Putty Patroller.

Now via the virtual PowerMorphicon event taking place this weekend we have our first look at the Goldarfigure. The figure will come with multiple hands, 2 headsculpts, Badges Of Darkness, interchangeable wings, wing backpack, fully painted sword, Power-Coin Box that has the coins sculpted inside. The gold will be metallic. He will be about 8" tall. The Zord figures they are making for this line will also be in scale.

Stay Tuned for Pre Orders


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