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Fan-made Dancing Baby Groot

Disney Consumer Products struck deals with more than 50 companies for Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise, ensuring store shelves are stocked with everything from a Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon Figure to the LEGO Milano Spaceship Rescue Building Set to the Rocket Raccoon Suit-Up Backpack.

But somehow, nobody thought to license — spoiler alert? — a dancing Baby Groot.

Luckily, plenty of Guardians fans have stepped in to fill the void. Moviepilot has a roundup of some of the more adorable efforts, but the best has to be Patrick Delahanty’s creation, which actually dances. He started with a Movin’ & Groovin’ flower he bought on eBay, and, with the help of his fiancee and some Model Magic, voila: a Baby Groot that dances to the Jackson 5′s “I Want You Back,” just like director James Gunn intended.


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