Venom - Thunderbolt Agent Venom US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl

Eugene “Flash” Thompson was a classmate and bully of Peter Parker, ironically, he was a big fan of Spider-Man. Once he had finished university, Flash joined the US Army, after being inspired by Spidey’s heroism. He was discharged after he lost his legs whilst saving his partner from enemy forces.


Struggling to come to terms with the loss of his legs, Flash Thompson enlisted in Project Rebirth, a secretive operation that merged captured Venom symbiotes with soldiers. Flash jumped at this chance, as the alien symbiote would be able to replace his legs with its own biomass, allowing him to walk again. The bond was successful, and so the super soldier Agent Venom was born. However, Flash cannot stay bonded to the Venom symbiote for more than 48 hours at a time, or the symbiote may gain complete control over him.


Agent Venom is eventually recruited by General Thaddeus Ross to join his team, The Thunderbolts. This team consists mainly of reformed villains, including Baron Zemo and Taskmaster. The Thunderbolts use violent methods to carry out their missions, the Venom symbiote bonded to Flash craves this kind of brutality. After being exposed to the Thunderbolts the symbiote begins to gain more control, it influences Flash into eating people and causing him to become disenchanted. 


Flash wants the Thunderbolts to have the ability to take him down, should he lose control and the symbiote takes over. Do you think the Thunderbolts would stand a chance?


Venom - Thunderbolt Agent Venom US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl

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