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Transformers Takara Tomy: Masterpiece Series - Missing Link C-01 Optimus Prime With Trailer Action Figure


Lost dreams link beyond time!

The virtual reprint "Missing Link" series that may have existed in that era has started to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the birth of Transformers! "What if the original convoy was fully poseable?" - With the image of it, the size, texture, and nostalgia of the time have been commercialized with a completely new design!

The size, deformation pattern, and basic composition using some die-cast alloys follow the original Convoy toy, the ideal Convoy commander toy has been updated with movable joints for posing and gimmicks drawn in animation. Even the packaging and accessories are thoroughly tributed to those days, and more than the reprint version, the impression when opening the Transformers product in the 80's is revived. It is possible to completely transform the fist by reconsidering the replacement of the fist when transforming, which was a regret with the product at the time, and storing it inside without removing it. In addition, it is possible to change each joint, which was limited to posing at that time, to a movable type and pose it freely. The matrix can be stored in the chest as a reproduction from the anime scene. The newly designed fist has movable fingers, so you can remove the matrix and hold it in your hand. The anti-aircraft gun in the container can be separated from the container and rolled to run, just like in the anime. The reconnaissance buggy "Roller" has a warning light drawn in the anime by reversing the rear part. The laser rifle has been changed to a specification where the original grip part is inserted into the fist. The weapon "Energy Ax", which is impressive in the opening video of the anime, is also included and can be attached to the fist. In addition, a red transparent "secret film" is included, and the play that can be deciphered by overlaying it on the spec chart printed on the back of the package is also restored. The familiar "Secret Emblem" is also attached to the robot body, and when you warm it with your finger, the corps mark will appear. The robot body was sculpted into a three-dimensional form, which was a two-dimensional expression with stickers at the time. A joint hole for an optional stand is added to the back of the convoy, allowing you to decorate it with an action pose. Two types of number plates user stickers that can reproduce the Japanese box art and overseas box art of the time are added, and a newly designed collection card is also included.

Transformers - Missing Link C-01 Optimus Prime With Trailer Action Figure

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