Power Rangers - Red Ranger's T-Rex DinoZord Figure


Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger, piloted the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. Forming the head and torso of the Megazord, the Tyrannosaurus was the mightiest of all Dinozords, sometimes acting alone in combat, when it could use its tail and jaws as weapons. It had the ability to fire energy blasts from its eyes. It could also roar so strongly that it created seismic blasts, channeling the Earth as a weapon and vaporizing monsters. It could also stand on his tail and kick his opponent like a kangaroo. The Tyrannosaurus remained underground while not in use, and could be remote-controlled by Jason should he need to pilot the Dragonzord in its Battle Mode.

Now you can add the mightiest Dinozord to your collection! 

Power Rangers - Red Ranger's T-Rex DinoZord Figure


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