Marvel NOW Cyclops X-Men ArtFX+ Statue Figure

Kotobukiya's ARTFX+ lineup of Marvel NOW! Super Heroes expands to cover the X-Men team. First up is none other than the team leader himself, CYCLOPS!

Scott Summers was one of the original five X-Men who trained with Professor Xavier, and ever since he’s led X-Men as they fight for the survival of mutants everywhere!

In his Marvel Now! appearance, Cyclops has a bold new design and look. Following his interaction with the Phoenix Force in "Avengers vs. X-Men" he wears a new, darker costume befitting his renegade status.

Statue based on artwork by Adi Granov, specially commissioned for this series !

Cyclops looks great in this highly detailed 1/10 scale sculpt!

Cyclops stands ready for action, looking great on his own and even better with other members of the X-Men team.

Watch for more X-Men members to come in the ARTFX+ Statue format from Kotobukiya !

Marvel NOW Cyclops X-Men ArtFX+ Statue Figure


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