Godzilla - 1989 Biollante Bile 12" Action Figure


Emerging from a fiery pit in Mount Mihara, Godzilla returns to wreak havoc once more with the Godzilla Biollante Bile 12” Head-to-Tail Action Figure by NECA.

Drawn to Ashinoko Lake, Godzilla faces off against a hybrid monster created from the cells of a human, a rose, and even Godzilla himself. The King of Monsters is forced to prove his strength and power as he meets his match in the ferocious and mighty Biollante.

Based on the monstrous movie Godzilla vs Biollante (1989), this highly detailed 12" Head-To-Tail action figure captures Godzilla covered in the vile green bile of Biollante, making the mighty Kaiju even more angry and ready to defeat his newfound enemy.

Godzilla - 1989 Biollante Bile 12" Action Figure

SKU: NEC42900

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